Science Fiction TV Dinners

Science Fiction TV Dinners are a space for fun, inclusive, interdisciplinary conversations about how some of our favorite science fiction TV shows imagine the future. At these events participants share a meal, watch an episode of a classic or contemporary show, listen to a conversation among scientists, artists, humanists, engineers, science fiction authors and other experts, and take part in a communal discussion about how science fiction and storytelling shape the way we think about science, technology, society and culture. Previous events have featured shows like Star Trek: The Original Series, The Jetsons, Doctor Who and The Twilight Zone.

Under Tomorrow’s Sky

Under Tomorrow’s Sky brings together an ensemble of scientists, technologists, futurists and designers to collectively author a proposal for a future city – an imaginary urbanism, the landscapes that surround it and the stories it contains. The Center for Science and the Imagination aims to participate in the Future Cities design think tank, developing narratives and scenarios that speculate on how urban systems in the future might feel or function, what their social and cultural fabric might be, and what forms they might take. The model for the future city will generate public exhibitions, publications, and a variety of other narrative media projects exploring the implications and consequences of emerging urban conditions.