Fulton Grand Challenge Scholars Program

The Fulton Grand Challenge Scholars Program is an affiliate of the National Academy of Engineering’s prestigious program; it combines innovative curriculum with co-curricular experiences that create an intellectual fusion which spans academic disciplines and includes entrepreneurial, global and service learning opportunities.

The program’s goal is to prepare tomorrow’s engineering leaders to solve the grand challenges facing society during the next century. Through completion of the five components of the program, students will have the opportunity to engage in research relating to their selected grand challenge, explore interdisciplinary coursework, gain an global perspective, engage in entrepreneurship, and give back to the community through service learning.

CSI collaborates with the Grand Challenge Scholars program to develop STEM learning modules that use science fiction as a tool for prototyping the future and exploring the social and cultural implications of scientific and technological breakthroughs. Our first curriculum module focuses on worldbuilding, setting and character development to highlight the human consequences – both negative and positive – of radical innovation.

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    Does this program also provide short-term (4-8 weeks) internships to students at ASU, in case the students have a feasible futuristic idea in their minds?
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    Arijit Goswami

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