Solve for X

Solve for X was started by a team from Google [x] in 2012 as an experiment to encourage discussion of technological solutions to some of the world’s greatest problems, and has evolved into a global network of creative individuals and institutions dedicated to radical innovation.

CSI and Arizona State University share Solve for X’s commitment to ambitious, solutions-focused moonshot thinking. Moonshots live in the gray area between audacious projects and pure science fiction; instead of mere 10% gains, they aim for 10x improvements. The combination of a huge problem, a radical solution and the breakthrough technology that might just make that solution possible is the essence of a moonshot. Great moonshot discussions require an innovative mindset–including a healthy disregard for the impossible–while still maintaining a level of practicality.

Solve for X is featuring a number of exciting moonshot solutions being developed right here at ASU:

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