Technophobes Beware: Google Glass App Offers Visual Fingerprinting

By Jason Bittel

Think about the last time you recognized someone in a crowd without seeing their face. Did you even stop and marvel at all the visual cues your brain had to cobble together near-instantaneously? Or did you just think, “Oh cool, there’s Tim”? Now, using only a few smartphones and a little Google Glass, researchers are pioneering the art of visual fingerprinting.

In a paper published by Duke University, researchers unveiled the InSight app for Google Glass, which makes all other forms of faceless biometric identification look dull. The app begins by taking a series of “opportunistic” photos of any person who has opted in, using his or her cellphone. At this point, you have to be willing to submit yourself to identification, though one can imagine the potential abuse of such technology. (It might allay some of your fears to know the ID is temporary and linked to each day’s clothing choice. Shucking off your shirt would render it moot.)

Using these images, the app gathers information ranging from color and shirt pattern to body structure and shoulder width. It sends these data to the cloud in order to construct individual, visual “fingerprints” that can be linked to a person’s …read more
Source: Future Tense Articles  

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