What Happens When You Say “OK, Glass” to Siri

By Will Oremus

Siri has always had a sense of humor, albeit a relatively anodyne one. (Q: “Talk dirty to me, Siri.” A: “Humus. Compost. Pumice. Silt. Gravel.”) But it turns out Apple’s personal assistant can get a little testy when you call her (or him) by another personal assistant’s name. Here’s how Siri responded to the command, “OK, Glass,” when I tried it over and over:

Very funny, Siri, and I do mean funny “ha-ha.” But do I detect a faint edge of jealousy in your tone?

Via The Verge and @seanmbrage

Source: http://www.slate.com/blogs/future_tense/2013/08/26/siri_ok_glass_command_prompts_sass_from_apple_s_snarky_assistant.html

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