Daniel Fine

Daniel is an assistant professor of Digital Media in Performance at The University of Iowa. He has a co-appointment in Dance and is a core faculty member of the Public Digital Arts Cluster. Daniel is an artist, scholar, and technologist working in immersive, responsive, mediated environments, site-specific locations and installations for interactive users, audiences and live performance. By […]

Boyd Branch

Boyd Branch, MFA is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the School of Film, Dance and Theatre in ASU’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, where he teaches in the Interdisciplinary Digital Media program. As a communications and digital media expert he has led national and international workshops and seminars on improvisation for scientists and engineers, […]

Headshot of Lilian Kong

Lilian Kong

Visual Futurist

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Headshot of Chelsea Courtney

Chelsea Courtney

Business Operations Specialist
(480) 727-2343

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