Join us at the recently completed ISTB4 building for the launch of the ASU Center for Science and the Imagination, an institutional platform for ambitious thinking and creative collaboration between the humanities, arts and sciences. President Michael Crow and Intel futurist Brian David Johnson will join Center Director Ed Finn to discuss upcoming projects and […]

Science Fiction TV Series: The Jetsons Tuesday, November 27, 6:00 – 7:30 pm Memorial Union 242 (La Paz Room), ASU Tempe campus RSVP at Since 1962, The Jetsons has defined an iconic vision of the future, imagining a course of progress that blends high technology with familiar social and cultural values. Yinong Chen and […]

Room 135 Join us for the first Science and Imagination Breakfast event of the 2012-2013 academic year! Network with faculty, students and staff engaged in interdisciplinary research and exploration around science, imagination and the future. Get news and updates about Center for Science and the Imagination partnerships, projects and events. Coffee and light refreshments will […]

A Zócalo/ASU Center for Science and the Imagination Event Moderated by T.A. Frank, Editor, Zócalo Public Square Name the following piece of music: Da-da-da-DUM. If you guessed Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, you were right—and not alone. The Fifth may be the most famous piece of music ever written, and it has thrilled audiences for over 200 […]

CSI is participating in the Green Expo at Tempe Center for the Arts. The City of Tempe and Smithsonian are teaming to celebrate green art, green business and green living.

Watch live The prosecution and recent suicide of digital innovator and activist Aaron Swartz and the increasingly public actions of the hacker collective Anonymous have brought unprecedented attention to the role of hacktivism in our digital world. Is hacking an effective form of activism? Is it ethical? Is it safe? What rights and responsibilities […]

Join Micah Lande and Angela Sodemann of the College of Technology and Innovation to watch and discuss the 2007 version of The Bionic Woman, science fiction, cyborgs, design and the future of humanity. Free dinner will be provided! Visitor parking details are available here.  Angela Sodemann is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering […]

Join us for ASU Venture Catalyst Geek Week and Geeks’ Night Out sponsored by the Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives. We’re blending science, technology and fun to celebrate the Arizona SciTech Festival. Best of all, the events are free.