Imaginary Papers

Imaginary Papers is a quarterly newsletter from the Center for Science and the Imagination, focused on science fiction worldbuilding, futures thinking, and the unplumbed depths of the imagination. Each issue will feature brief, incisive pieces of writing from a diverse array of contributors, from scholars and journalists to cultural critics, designers, technologists, poets, and more. Check out our previous issues below, and subscribe today!

Imaginary Papers: Issue 6 - Lisa Yin Han, Jonathon Keats & Ruth Wylie
A Blue rectangle with wavy maroon lines with the text "Imaginary Papers 5" in bold white text Imaginary Papers: Issue 5 - Emma Kostopolus, Malik Toms, and Joey Eschrich
Imaginary Papers: Issue 4 - Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, Katherine Buse and Joey Eschrich
Imaginary Papers 3 Imaginary Papers: Issue 3 - Troy L. Wiggins, Kate Greene & Joey Eschrich
Imaginary Papers: Issue 2 - Indrapramit Das, Jessie Rack & Joey Eschrich
Imaginary Papers: Issue 1 - Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, Torie Bosch & Joey Eschrich

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