Imaginary Papers: Issue 10


Imaginary Papers: Issue 10

Pippa Goldschmidt, Paul Cockburn & Joey Eschrich

The Sci-Fi Feedback Loop: Mapping Fiction’s Influence on Real-World Tech

May 12, 2022

The Applied Sci-Fi Project

The Applied Sci-Fi Project, made possible by support from the Sloan Foundation, is an event series and research project that brings together science fiction writers, futurists, scholars, and technologists to

Ubiquitous Collaborative Support (UbiCoS)

A novel multi-platform approach to scaffolding math learning and encouraging student collaboration.

Book cover for Sickness, Systems, Solidarity. A composition in blue, yellow, and pink showing objects associated with the pandemic, like a face mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer, and objects asociated with gaming, like a video game console and a chess set.

Sickness, Systems, Solidarity: A Pandemics and Games Essay Jam

The global cataclysm of COVID-19, and the quarantines and social distancing that have accompanied the still-unfolding pandemic, has brought enormous changes to the games industry, the ways we play videogames (and physical games) alone and together, and the meaning and content of games old and new.

Andrew Dana Hudson: Our Shared Storm

Speculative fiction writer and sustainability researcher Andrew Dana Hudson discusses his book, five interlocking novelettes exploring the possible realities of our climate future.

Imagination project helps student veterans see their future more clearly

Scott Bordow, ASU News

Imaginary Papers: Issue 9

Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay, Bob Beard & Joey Eschrich

“Planetary Reversal: Kim Stanley Robinson’s Utopian Plan to Save the Planet” 

A Lecture by N. Katherine Hayles  Presented by ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination and the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict Rescuing the planet from climate chaos

Annual Report 2020/21

Annual Report 2020-2021 PDF Annual Report 2020-2021 EPUB


Kamila is the apple of her parents’ eye: a brilliant student with a quick wit who wanted to change the world with science and technology. She had a future —


The Taliban has re-taken Afghanistan. When Marcel chooses to let her disabled brother leave the country ahead of her, she has no idea if she will ever see her family


Andre left his country after University when one of his film projects was banned by the government and they persecuted and threatened to jail him. He returned secretly to save


Carlos is just like any other young man in his twenties: he wants a chance to make his own way in the world, and define himself on his own terms.


Gladys loved her life on the farm: the big open skies, the stars, the chance to see wildlife before it disappeared. And she loved raising her children there, even though

Stay in the Airplane

Notes for the podcast

In this season finale BDJ talks with guests about the shortcomings of AI, the perils of deploying it too early, and what gives them hope for the future of AI.  Guests: Cory Doctorow (@doctorow) Kade Crockford (@onekade) August Cole (@august_cole) Ellio…

Not Your Typical AI

Notes for the podcast

In this episode, Brian David Johnson talks with guests about their favorite AI’s and non-typical AI’s.  Guests: Laura Moy (@lauramoy) Rashida Richardson Tim Fernholz (@TimFernholz_ Alida Draudt https://www.alidadraudt….

Dark Possibilities and Grim Realities

Notes for the Podcast

In this episode, Brian David Johnson talks with guests about the future of AI and what we should be optimizing for. Guests: Douglas Rushkoff (@rushkoff) August Cole (@august_cole) Chris Noessl (@chrisnoessel) Alida Draudt L…

What We Think About When We Think About AI

Notes for the Podcast

In this episode, Brian David Johnson gathers Kade Crockford, Eliot Peper, Tim O’Reilly, and Malka Older at the annual SXSW conference to discuss what sci-fi can teach us when it comes to how we think of AI today and how it can shape the future.  Guests…

Welcome To Sci-Fi House

Notes for the Podcast

In this episode, Brian David Johnson gathers science fiction authors, researchers, technologists, and activists at the annual SXSW conference to explore the human dimensions of machine intelligence. Guests: – Tiffany Li – Saayeli…