Book Launch: Climate Action Almanac (Online)


The Climate Imagination Fellowship brings together top science fiction authors with community members, thinkers, researchers, and changemakers from around the world to create visions of positive climate futures shaped by concerted action in the face of crisis, and grounded in real science. These visions will honor local particularities and insist upon equity and justice, while imagining efforts that could be scaled up for global change. Too often, our only climate stories are ones of warning and alarm. To help us build pathways forward to a vibrant, thriving decarbonized future, we also need inspiring stories that can catalyze action in the present.

An illustration made up of partial, colorful images of five types of landscapes. From left to right: a monumental building and waterfall on the bank of a river; a small outpost or hut suspended above a swamp; a suburban scene where roads have been flooded or replaced with canals; a grassy village with a thatched-roof dwelling; and a tower in a desert with plants snaking up its side.

Book Launch: Climate Action Almanac (Online)

Tracing Pathways to Positive Climate Futures Zoom Webinar – Register This event starts at 1:00 pm Arizona time, which is 12:00 pm Pacific and 3:00 pm Eastern. When we think

A sci-fi story of Earth’s renewal

Illustration of a waterfall in a verdant forest, against a vibrant blue sky. The waterfall has a solar installation on top of it, and is caged by an orange structure of rings.

Postcards from the Future

Create a digital postcard from the future, with concept art by João Queiroz.