A man and woman shot from above, standing on an ornate black-and-white patterned floor with stars and planets swirling around

Sci-Fi TV Dinner Small Bites: Ellipse (Online)

Event Details

Our Science Fiction TV Dinner series is going virtual for 2020-2021, to help keep our community safe during the pandemic. We’re shifting the format slightly, presenting Science Fiction TV Small Bites: short films from talented creators that invite us to explore a range of possible futures.

Our latest Small Bite is Ellipse, a science fiction film about astrobiology and the search for life in the cosmos written and directed by Ilana Rein. We’ll screen the 13-minute film, and then have a conversation with Ilana, a director and screenwriter whose most recent film is the psychological thriller Perception, and Sara Walker, an astrobiologist, theoretical physicist, and deputy director of the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science at Arizona State University.

Each Small Bite event will also feature an exclusive segment on cuisine and cooking by Corey S. Pressman, an author, educator, anthropologist, visual artist, and member of CSI’s Imaginary College.

This virtual event is free and open to everyone.

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