Andrew Dana Hudson: Our Shared Storm

Climate Futures

How will imagination shape our collective, global response to the climate crisis? How can art and literature, merged with scientific and technological approaches, help us create solutions to increasingly urgent climate challenges? Our projects in the area of Climate Futures range from short fiction contests and public events to research projects and experiments in collaborative storytelling. We hope to bring empathy, creativity, and a diversity of voices to the fore, and to craft new stories that help us envision a multitude of possible futures shaped by climate change and our reactions to it.

Andrew Dana Hudson: Our Shared Storm

Speculative fiction writer and sustainability researcher Andrew Dana Hudson discusses his book, five interlocking novelettes exploring the possible realities of our climate future.

“Planetary Reversal: Kim Stanley Robinson’s Utopian Plan to Save the Planet” 

A Lecture by N. Katherine Hayles  Presented by ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination and the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict Rescuing the planet from climate chaos

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Crafting Climate Futures: From Story to Policy (Online)

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow presents an opportunity for decisive global action amidst escalating climate chaos. Now, more than ever, we need narratives of positive climate futures

EcoFutures Climate Justice Project

Today’s escalating climate chaos is intensified by global threats to democracy, violent backlashes to migration, and horrific biodiversity loss. Furthermore, environmental degradation is exacerbating existing inequalities, with poor and marginalized

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Imagining Our Climate Futures (Online)

If we hope to achieve the global will and cooperation needed to meet the challenges of the climate crisis, we need stories of hope and transformation, not just disaster and

Headshots of Climate Imagination Fellows Vandana Singh, Libia Brenda, and Hannah Onoguwe.

The Days After Tomorrow: Climate Fiction for the Future

Can we reimagine our relationship with nature and protect the future? How can we marshal our collective imagination to accelerate global transformations and move towards a sustainable way of life?

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Workshop on Reimagining Climate Futures

Join the Center for Science and the Imagination, the Journal of Science Policy & Governance (JSPG), and the UK Science and Innovation Network for a workshop that brings together innovative

Unlocking Our Climate Imagination

When we imagine our climate future, it’s easy to drift towards catastrophe, especially in view of this summer’s shocking examples of climate chaos—from floods and sinkholes to heat domes and

Moscow author’s story lands in climate fiction anthology

Moscow-Pullman Daily News (Idaho)

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Indigenous Futurisms And Climate Fiction

Tom Maxedon Word podcast, KJZZ 91.5 public radio

Sarena Ulibarri and Ed Finn on Solarpunk

How Do You Like It So Far? podcast

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Everything Change: An Anthology of Climate Fiction, Volume III

A collection of short stories by writers from around the world, exploring the climate crisis and how human responses to it will shape the futures we will inhabit. Featuring winning stories from our 2020 Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest.

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Claire Vaye Watkins: Climate Writing (Online)

Join Claire Vaye Watkins, award-winning author of the climate fiction novel Gold Fame Citrus and the short fiction collection Battleborn, for a virtual reading and a conversation about climate writing.

Arizona State University’s Free Solarpunk Anthology is All About Optimistic Futures

Andrew Liptak,

Cities of Light: A discussion on the impact of a solar future

Justin Spangenthal, The State Press

Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest 2020

What would our world look like if we actually respected and lived within planetary boundaries? We’re excited to announce our third global climate fiction short story contest. Learn more…

17 Writers on the Role of Fiction in Addressing Climate Change

by Amy Brady, Literary Hub

Five ASU affiliates who are using their art to make change in their communities

by Chelsea Hofmann, The State Press

Can Climate Change Fiction Build Consensus, Empathy?

by Brooke Ruth and Mark Sauer, KPBS (San Diego)