Science Fiction TV Dinner: Battlestar Galactica

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What are the challenges of sustaining a human society in space? How should we govern ourselves and endure political crises in an environment dangerously starved of resources? More importantly, how do we keep all these plates spinning while also fighting a generational war with hyper-intelligent AIs of our own making? The 2000s version of Battlestar Galactica explores these questions and tensions through gripping storytelling about cataclysmic violence and its aftermath, and about how emerging technologies like artificial intelligence strain our social, political, and ethical norms and structures.

Join us for a Science Fiction TV Dinner with special guest Anne Cofell Saunders, writer and story editor for BSG and producer of other fan-favorite series including Timeless, Revolution, Smallville, and Chuck. Saunders will be joined by CSI director Ed Finn and Michael G. Bennett, an expert working at the intersection of law, technology, science, and culture.

We’ll have dinner for the first 150 guests. This event is free and open to everyone. RSVP now!