What Black Panther Could Mean for the Afrofuturism Movement

Michael Bennett

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What Black Panther Could Mean for the Afrofuturism Movement

By Michael Bennett
Slate – Future Tense

Artificial Intelligence Is Around the Corner. Educators Should Take Note

Michael Bennett
Education Week

‘Black Panther’ isn’t just another Marvel movie — it’s a vision of a future led by blackness

by Xavier Harding Mic

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Overview: Stories in the Stratosphere

What kinds of gripping confrontations and adventures might unfold in near space, above the clouds?

Responsibility and Emerging Technologies: Experiences, Education and Beyond

By D.M. Bowman et al. Forward by Bennett, M., Bowman, D., Dijkstra, A.

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Science Fiction Prototyping: Afrofuturism

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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Casts Diverse Actors

Fluxing Futures: A Practitioner’s Guide to Probable Near-Term Developments in Publicity Rights Law

By Michael G. Bennett and Libbie Richards, Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment & Technology Law