Brian David Johnson


Brian David Johnson

In this episode of the Imagination Desk, we sat down with ASU futurist in residence Brian David Johnson. In this chat, we talk with Brian about his work on artificial intelligence and introduce his new podcast called Sci-Fi House Presents Imagining Int…

Science Fiction Frames: Black Mirror and the Search for True Love


The History of the Future of Transportation

Joey Eschrich

Cover for Visions, Ventures, Escape Velocities: A collection of space Futures. Edited by Ed Finn and Joey Eschrich. Photo of the inside of a futuristic space station. A ship and planet can be seen outside the window.

Visions, Ventures, Escape Velocities: A Collection of Space Futures

Why should we go to space? Visions, Ventures, Escape Velocities takes on the challenge of imagining new stories at the intersection of public and private—narratives that use the economic and social history of exploration, as well as current technical and scientific research, to inform scenarios for the future of the “new space” era.

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The Thing: Who is the disease, and who is the cure?

Robert Weisberg

Science Fiction Frames: Moon and the Dream of Unlimited Energy

Sherryl Vint

Jason X, Snapchat, and the Double-Edged Machete of Nostalgia

Bob Beard

A Storied Future: Future Tense Fiction

By Emma Greguska, ASU Now

Science Fiction Frames: Interstellar and Dystopian Optimism

Samuel Arbesman

How Do We Print Books on Mars?

Madeline Ashby