Science Fiction TV Dinner: Stargate SG-1

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A classic work of military science fiction TV, Stargate SG-1 plunges humans into a new cosmology shaped by stargates: devices that create wormholes, enabling near-instantaneous travel across vast distances of space. Far from being alone in a cold, silent universe, humans find themselves in a perilous cosmic order shaped by interspecies political intrigue, perplexingly deep mythology, and all manner of nonhuman intelligence, ranging from beneficent to indifferent to fanatically hostile—or simply predatory.

Join us for a conversation about space exploration, interspecies collaboration and conflict, artificial intelligence, resource depletion, and the menace of endless replication with Sian Proctor, an analog astronaut, science TV presenter on the Discovery Channel, PBS, and the Science Channel, and a professor of geoscience and sustainability at South Mountain Community College, and Stephen Pratt, a professor in ASU’s School of Life Sciences who studies the emergence of complex social behavior in leaderless, decentralized groups, particularly social insect colonies.