Some of us are born in orbit


There are wonderful holes in my brain

Jessie Rack

Because the wolves are shot

By Jessie Rack “Coyote” by Jitze Couperus, licensed under CC BY 2.0 What do you really know about coyotes? Maybe you’ve heard the official line about the economic consequences of coyotes

The Crab and the Butterfly: Semicolon Services in the 21st Century

Corey S. Pressman

An x-ray picture of a man's head, which is filled with various tools that resemble the interior of a normal head.

Clockwork Conversation: Not Everything Could Be Half of Something

In 1562, Don Carlos, the seventeen-year-old heir apparent to the Spanish throne, falls down a flight of stairs. Tragically, he sustains a terrible head wound. His father, King Philip II,

Poetry by Robots for Robots

A lot of ink and electrons have been spilled on the task of getting our machines to pass the Turing test. It is indeed an accomplishment of some proportion if a computer’s linguistic or artistic output can pass for human-generated. But does a passing grade really mean genuine awareness?

Poetry by Robots for Robots

Corey S. Pressman

Poetry for Robots

Our stuff is meaningful; it’s symbolically and semiotically imbued with signals of memory, utility, and identity.  These meanings are the fabric of culture – shared ideas and values that we