A hand holds a revolver in front of the Westworld logo embedded in a mountain range.

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Westworld

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Westworld examines timeless dilemmas about free will, individual identity, and the fundamental altruism or savagery of human nature through the lens of artificial intelligence and robotics. Building on motifs from a century of Hollywood westerns, the series is a unique blend of action cinema, philosophy seminar, enigmatic puzzle, and near-future technology.

Join us for a screening and conversation with Alice Daer, digital content strategist and video game scholar, and Ed Finn, director of the Center for Science and the Imagination. We’ll watch the second episode of Westworld‘s first season and discuss how the show imagines new models for immersive and participatory storytelling, its philosophical ruminations, and its stance on the ethics and pragmatics of artificial intelligence and thinking, feeling robots.

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Content Warning: Westworld features graphic violence, nudity, and scenes of sexuality. This Science Fiction TV Dinner is not appropriate for kids!