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Science Fiction TV Dinner: The Walking Dead

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This event is presented by ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination and Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.

The Science Fiction TV Dinner series has been reanimated for a new year! Join us for a screening of The Walking Dead and a conversation about death, taxes and zombies.

The US stands on the precipice of financial disaster, and Congress has done nothing but bicker. Of course, we’re talking about the coming day when the undead walk the earth, feasting on the living. A zombie apocalypse will create an urgent need for massive government revenues to protect the living, while millions of taxpayers find themselves dead or undead. Adam Chodorow of ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law joins us to warn the government, and the public, about the dangers of inaction in the face of the zombie crisis.

Adam will join Ed Finn, director of the Center for Science and the Imagination, who will ponder why zombies continue to frighten and fascinate us 35 years after the release of George Romero’s genre-defining classic Dawn of the Dead.

Paid parking for this event is available at ASU’s Rural Road Parking Structure.

You can read Professor Chodorow’s article “Death and Taxes and Zombies” for free at the Iowa Law Review.

Image courtesy of Med PhotoBlog, used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.

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