Educators, science professionals and science advocates – we hope to see you at the Arizona SciTech Festival Kickoff Conference on September 4 at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts! The Center for Science and the Imagination will be taking part in a panel titled “How Do […]

Imagine: It is the year 2030. The weather is catastrophic. The university has been interiorized. New drugs are being tested. Students and faculty are research subjects. Surveillance is pervasive. Adriene Jenik, director of ASU’s School of Art, unveils her new film SPECFLIC 1.9, which imagines the […]

What will journalism, fact-checking and the information economy look like in the future? How will our experience of current events be transformed by smart mobs, ubiquitous computing and intelligent algorithms? What will the business of news look like in an era of superabundant information? Visionary science […]

Make It So with Nathan Shedroff Interfaces in sci-fi serve a primarily narrative purpose. They’re there to help tell the story of how a character disables the tractor beam, or hacks into the corporate database, or diagnoses the alien infection. But what would happen if we […]

A presentation by Henk Mooiweer and Hans Haringa, Shell GameChanger Since the mid-1990s Shell GameChanger has been bringing the practices of Silicon Valley into Shell. Key breakthroughs, worth billions today, had their origin in GameChanger. GameChanger is about search, discovery, experimentation, risk taking and collaboration. Some […]

Why do the digital humanities matter? From data-driven explorations of digitized texts to networked pedagogical experiments that connect classrooms across institutions and countries, the digital humanities is fostering new possibilities for academic work. Describing the broad contours of this emerging field and exploring in particular the […]

How does language define us? How do we use stories and performances to shape the world around us, to give it meaning? How can digital media give us a new, deeper understanding of the power of words to transform our reality? Join us for a performance […]

When it comes to exploring space, why should scientists and engineers have all the fun? How can we use creative and artistic experiments to better understand our place in the universe? What can the humanities and the arts contribute to our expanding knowledge about space and […]

AZ CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning) is a one-day annual conference that brings together computer-assisted language learning enthusiasts from Arizona and beyond to share ideas, network and receive valuable feedback on scholarly research, academic papers and major conference presentations which are in progress or preparation. The keynote […]