In the future, will we create computers that surpass our intelligence? Will we bio-engineer our species to hybridize humans and machines? Will nanotechnology mean that the building blocks of matter become playthings for human industry and creativity? How might these emerging technologies change what it means to be human? The Singularity explores these issues with leading futurists, computer scientists, artificial intelligence experts and philosophers who turn over the question like a transhuman Rubik’s Cube.

Explore the intersection of cutting-edge technology, live performance and interactive storytelling with the Wonder Dome. Created by Center for Science and the Imagination research fellow Daniel Fine, the Wonder Dome

Filmmaker Doug Wolens will discuss the making of his documentary The Singularity, which refers to a point in the future when we create computers with greater-than-human intelligence, bio-engineer our species and re-design matter through nanotechnology. How will these technologies change what it means to be human?

Join Emerge participants Bruce Sterling, David Rothberg and the ASU Center for Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing (CUbiC) for a preview of the fantastical and thought-provoking world of ASU’s Emerge at the

This week, ASU’s Synthesis Center and School of Arts, Media and Engineering are hosting researchers from Concordia University (Montreal), the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Southern California, and

Friday, March 7, 6:00 – 11:00pm Arizona State University’s Emerge 2014 will be a “Carnival of the Future” – a radically creative, playful and challenging approach to the future world

Where do our ideas about the imagination come from? What role has imaginative exploration played in the history of science? And how have scientists guarded against the imagination’s radical creative

6:00 pm – 10:00 pm Presented by ASU’s School of Art Join Bobby Zokaites of ASU’s School of Art for his MFA thesis exhibition, Tom Sawyers Wears a Business Suit.  Zokaites’s

Join the Arizona Science Center on Saturday, May 10 for a day of exploration of biomedicine, bioengineering, nanotechnology and other scientific and technological forces that are shaping our future! Register

Free and open to the public How are digital platforms changing our engagement with books? How can we create digital texts that rival the material sophistication of the printed book?

How do we get people thinking more creatively and optimistically about the future? Start with a story. The Center for Science and the Imagination’s Project Hieroglyph teams up science fiction authors

Co-sponsored by the Arizona Science Center Free Event, Registration Required; Learn more and RSVP at the Arizona Science Center website  Living starships. Super-soldiers. Sentient plants. Intergalactic empires. Wormholes. Animatronic puppets. Join

Join actor Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog) and ASU professors Jim Bell, Ed Finn, Peter Goggin and Sara Imari Walker for an intimate conversation facilitated by science fiction author PJ Haarsma about science, science fiction, and the importance

Registration Required – $20 for the full-day Innovation Arizona Summit Join us at the Innovation Arizona Summit for a panel, “Science and Storytelling”: How do we share the excitement and

Trandisciplinary explorations at the edge of knowledge… Join Paul Davies, Regents’ Professor and Director of the Beyond Center at Arizona State University, at the first installment of the new monthly

To buy tickets online, go to Brown Paper Tickets; to buy tickets in person, visit Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park! Is this the new Golden Age of science fiction? Good science fiction has

Our global imagination about the future is dominated by gloomy dystopias and apocalyptic endgame scenarios. Can science fiction help us create visions of the future that are inspiring and optimistic,

Presented by Zócalo Public Square and the Center for Science and the Imagination Moderated by Annalee Newitz, Editor-in-Chief, io9 Registration Required: Make a Reservation Today! Isaac Asimov’s robots. Robert Heinlein’s

Our Science Fiction TV Dinner series is a launch pad for new conversations about science, technology, art and society. Enjoy dinner from local food trucks, then watch a screening of

Free event – registration required! Use the Eventbrite widget to the right or visit Eventbrite to register.  Our global imagination about the future is dominated by gloomy dystopias and apocalyptic endgame