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How do we get people thinking more creatively and optimistically about the future? Start with a story. The Center for Science and the Imagination’s Project Hieroglyph teams up science fiction authors with scientists and engineers to rekindle our grand technological ambitions through the power of storytelling.

Join the Center for Science and the Imagination at Phoenix ComiCon for a panel, Hieroglyph: Blueprints for a Better Future, featuring:

-Elizabeth Bear, Hugo, Locus and John W. Campbell Award-winning science fiction author
-Brad Allenby, President’s Professor of Sustainable Engineering, and Lincoln Professor of Engineering and Ethics at ASU
-Ed Finn, Founding Director of the Center for Science and the Imagination and Assistant Professor of Arts, Media and Engineering / –English, ASU
-Zach Berkson, PhD Student, Chemical Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara

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Also be sure to check out two events organized by our friend and colleague Lev Horodyskyj, of ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration: the “Building Better Sci-Fi” panel and the “Scientist-Creator Mixer” on Friday, June 6.

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