Presented by Zócalo Public Square and the Center for Science and the Imagination Moderated by Annalee Newitz, Editor-in-Chief, io9 Registration Required: Make a Reservation Today! Isaac Asimov’s robots. Robert Heinlein’s rocket ships. William Gibson’s cyberspace. Before they vacuumed our houses, put a man on the moon, […]

Free event – registration required! Use the Eventbrite widget to the right or visit Eventbrite to register.  Our global imagination about the future is dominated by gloomy dystopias and apocalyptic endgame scenarios. Can science fiction help us create visions of the future that are inspiring and optimistic, […]

Admission: $5.00; tickets and book pre-orders are available at the Town Hall Seattle website Author Neal Stephenson (Reamde, Snow Crash) laments our society’s loss of a key superpower — the ability to “Get Big Stuff Done.” He shoulders some of the blame, along with colleagues in the […]