A screenshot from Adriene Jenik's film SPECFLIC 1.9, depicting a futuristic research lab

Film Screening: SPECFLIC 1.9

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Imagine: It is the year 2030. The weather is catastrophic. The university has been interiorized. New drugs are being tested. Students and faculty are research subjects. Surveillance is pervasive.

Adriene Jenik, director of ASU’s School of Art, unveils her new film SPECFLIC 1.9, which imagines the near future of a public research university.

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SPECFLIC 1.9 embraces the limitless human potential made possible through computer-enabled global network connectivity, even as it considers the cultural impact of new levels of control made possible through these very networks and protocols. The film asks viewers to tease out the threads of their own present storylines to better imagine and therefore shape our shared future. The screening will be followed by a Q+A with Adriene.

Paid parking for this event is available at ASU’s Rural Road Parking Structure. Need help finding the ISTB4 building? Visit this page for a map, and this page for a photo of the building.

This event is held in conjunction with an Institute for Humanities Research Faculty Seminar entitled “Technology, Agency and Complicity: SPECFLIC 1.9” on Friday, September 13. For more information about the seminar, click here.

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