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Shell GameChanger: Innovation Challenges in a Large Energy Company

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A presentation by Henk Mooiweer and Hans Haringa, Shell GameChanger

Since the mid-1990s Shell GameChanger has been bringing the practices of Silicon Valley into Shell. Key breakthroughs, worth billions today, had their origin in GameChanger. GameChanger is about search, discovery, experimentation, risk taking and collaboration. Some of the ideas developed through the GameChanger process are selected for further development and ultimately deployed by the Shell organization at large.

The GameChanger journey has not been a smooth ride. GameChangers Henk Mooiweer and Hans Haringa will share how the practice managed to counterbalance the inevitable pull towards readily demonstrable business benefit, cultural conformity, predictability and control.

Henk and Hans will also share some of their radical new thoughts around future-proofing the GameChanger practice against the backdrop of an increasingly democratized world of innovation. RSVP now!

Presented by ASU’s LightWorks and Center for Science and the Imagination

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