Imagination project helps student veterans see their future more clearly

Veterans Imagination Project

The Veterans Imagination Project from CSIĀ builds upon our success across several efforts that leverage speculative fiction as a tool for fostering imagination and developing greater self-efficacy. In partnership with NASA, the World Bank, Google, and others, we have asked scientists, artists, and executives to step outside of their defined roles and envision technically grounded, optimistic narratives about world-changing technologies and governance.

This project applies the same methods to individual challenges, catalyzing personal transformation and civic engagement in both veterans and their communities by inviting them to participate as active agents in the futures they imagine.

For more information, contact Bob Beard.

Imagination project helps student veterans see their future more clearly

Scott Bordow, ASU News

Class: VTS 394, Fall 2022

Enrollment ends August 19, 2022

Participants will spend eight weeks discovering possible personal and professional futures through foresight, interviews, speculative storytelling, and collaborative imagination.

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ASU’s Veterans Imagination Project Aims To Help Veterans Envision New Career Paths

By Steve Goldstein


Veterans Imagination Project

It takes six to thirteen weeks for an enlisted military recruit to become a member of the U.S. Armed Forces. Their years of active duty are marked by months of