A village scene with a young woman walking in the distance, including a large tree and a large hut with a solar-paneled roof. In the background, the sky is webbed over, like a dome is built around the entire village.

Sci-Fi TV Dinner Small Bites: Akoota (Online)

Our Science Fiction TV Dinner series is going virtual for 2020-2021, to help keep our community safe during the pandemic. We’re shifting the format slightly, presenting Science Fiction TV Small Bites: short films from talented creators that invite us to explore a range of possible futures. […]

A man and woman shot from above, standing on an ornate black-and-white patterned floor with stars and planets swirling around

Sci-Fi TV Dinner Small Bites: Ellipse (Online)

Our Science Fiction TV Dinner series is going virtual for 2020-2021, to help keep our community safe during the pandemic. We’re shifting the format slightly, presenting Science Fiction TV Small Bites: short films from talented creators that invite us to explore a range of possible futures. […]

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Stargate SG-1

A classic work of military science fiction TV, Stargate SG-1 plunges humans into a new cosmology shaped by stargates: devices that create wormholes, enabling near-instantaneous travel across vast distances of space. Far from being alone in a cold, silent universe, humans find themselves in a perilous […]

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Max Headroom

A true 1980s pop-culture oddity, Max Headroom is a cyberpunk satire of the 21st century where the world is controlled by a cabal of shadowy, ruthless TV networks (example: “off” switches have been banned on televisions). Our protagonist, Edison Carter, is an investigative journalist working inside […]

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Star Trek: Discovery

The first Trek series born in the age of Prestige TV, Star Trek: Discovery presents a gritty, stubbornly weird, and ethically challenging take on Trek‘s spacefaring, post-scarcity future. Discovery asks us to ponder how civilian science and technology research is adapted for military use in times […]

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Over the past 42 years, the Star Wars universe has grown beyond galaxy-spanning battles between an evil empire and acrobatic warrior monks to encompass a multitude of stories about diversity, resilience, courage, the brutality of colonial rule, and the complicated relationships between people and the technologies we create. […]

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Person of Interest

In just a few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has shifted from the stuff of futuristic dreams to a ubiquitous part of our daily lives. In a moment of dizzying change, the crime thriller Person of Interest considers the strange ways that humans and thinking machines might […]

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Torchwood

The BBC’s Torchwood, a spin-off of Doctor Who, centers on a team of investigators working in secret, “outside the government, beyond the police,” to protect Earth from extraterrestrial and supernatural threats. The series blends playful covert maneuvering, creepy monster-of-the-week tropes, time-space continuum bending, and the occasional […]

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Battlestar Galactica

What are the challenges of sustaining a human society in space? How should we govern ourselves and endure political crises in an environment dangerously starved of resources? More importantly, how do we keep all these plates spinning while also fighting a generational war with hyper-intelligent AIs […]

Pop Art-style image of a character from the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode Sanctuary, featuring a woman in profile and a Starfleet insignia.

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

What would it be like to actually dwell in space? What challenges might bedevil us as we tried to live well in such a vast and inhospitable place? What opportunities for exploration and diversity of experience would open up? Star Trek: Deep Space Nine addresses these questions by […]

Science Fiction TV Dinner: The Jetsons and Other Classic Cartoons

Classic cartoons like The Jetsons, Huckleberry Hound, and Beany and Cecil powerfully shape our vision of the world around us, including the way that we understand science and technology. These series have enduring power because of their irrepressible humor, occasional flashes of social insight and critique, and especially their style, […]

A hand holds a revolver in front of the Westworld logo embedded in a mountain range.

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Westworld

Westworld examines timeless dilemmas about free will, individual identity, and the fundamental altruism or savagery of human nature through the lens of artificial intelligence and robotics. Building on motifs from a century of Hollywood westerns, the series is a unique blend of action cinema, philosophy seminar, enigmatic […]

Cast photo of the TV series The Good Wife.

Science Fiction TV Dinner: The Good Wife

The Good Wife is a legal drama with salacious political overtones and an unusually complex and thought-provoking approach to emerging technology and the law—in 2013, Wired magazine called it “the most tech-savvy show on TV.” Join us for a screening and conversation with Torie Bosch, editor […]

Drawing of Buffy holding a wooden stake, hiding slightly behind a wall.

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Joss Whedon’s cult-classic series Buffy the Vampire Slayer continues to fascinate feminists, genre aficionados, and those of us who are hopelessly nostalgic for the late 1990s. Join us for a special Halloween edition of the Science Fiction TV Dinner series, where we’ll screen the Frankenstein-inspired episode “Some Assembly Required” […]

An assortment of "glyphs" from the TV series Fringe: a cross-section of an apple, a frog, a handprint, etc.

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Fringe

Fringe is a police procedural tailored for a conspiracy-addled culture: a fever dream of near-future biotechnology research, Timothy Leary-esque 1960s counterculture, and the seemingly ineluctable creep of corporate governance. Created by J. J. Abrams, the mastermind behind Lost, Alias, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Fringe envisions a future shaped by shadowy, […]

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Occupied

The Norwegian thriller Occupied masterfully blends the Machiavellian ruthlessness and icy visual style of House of Cards with the existential threat of climate change. Masterminded by world-renowned crime novelist Jo Nesbø, the series depicts climate chaos and political turmoil in the near future, with the election […]

contour sketch of two faces and a most monster face. On a dark green background with lightening in the back ground

Science Fiction TV Dinner: The X-Files

When we think of The X-Files, we think of sprawling government conspiracies, eerie UFO sightings, cigarette-smoking men, and the compelling dynamic between the smoldering, occasionally unhinged Fox Mulder and the doggedly rational, ever-skeptical Dana Scully. But did you know that Mulder and Scully once met Frankenstein’s creature? […]

Science Fiction TV Dinner – CSI: Cyber

In a moment of cyber-paranoia and cyber-crisis, there’s never been a cyber-time more cyber-appropriate for the overheated (and tragically, recently canceled) cyber-procedural, CSI: Cyber. Cybersecurity has never been more critical to public policy, and has never been less accurately understood, than in early 2017. We’ll use […]