People sitting in a waiting room, cautiously eying a zombie that sits next to them, in regular street clothes.

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Zombies from the U.K.

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What happens after the zombie apocalypse ends? We’ve managed to survive and fend off the ravening hordes, but how do we rebuild our communities? The award-winning BBC series In the Flesh imagines a future where ex-zombies—sufferers of Partially Deceased Syndrome—are rehabilitated through medication and therapy. But reintegrating these people into society is traumatic and unpredictable, and they are tormented by memories of the havoc they wreaked.

Join us for a screening and conversation with Andrea Wood, a fellow at ASU’s Institute for Humanities Research and an associate professor of media studies at Winona State University in Minnesota, and Scott Ruston, an assistant research professor at ASU’s Center for Strategic Communication and Hugh Downs School of Human Communication.

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