Image of the B-9 robot from the TV series Lost in Space

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Lost in Space

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Running alongside Star Trek‘s original series at the dawn of the Space Age, Lost in Space presented a strikingly different vision for the future of human exploration in space. Lost in Space imagines deep space colonization as homesteading: the series is based on the classic novel The Swiss Family Robinson, and it blends domestic squabbles among members of a nuclear family with malfunctioning robots, emergency landings, rocket suits, Cold War espionage, and perilous alien encounters.

Join us for a screening and conversation with Paul Hirt, a professor of environmental history and senior sustainability scholar at Arizona State University, and Ruth Wylie, assistant director of the Center for Science and the Imagination and assistant research professor at ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

We’ll have free dinner available for the first 150 guests. RSVP today!