Science Fiction TV Dinner – CSI: Cyber

Event Details

In a moment of cyber-paranoia and cyber-crisis, there’s never been a cyber-time more cyber-appropriate for the overheated (and tragically, recently canceled) cyber-procedural, CSI: Cyber. Cybersecurity has never been more critical to public policy, and has never been less accurately understood, than in early 2017. We’ll use the ridiculous and occasionally sublime dramatics of CSI: Cyber as a lens for seeing our perplexing cyber-landscape more clearly.

Join us for a screening and conversation with two card-carrying cybersecurity experts: Joe Gervais, a security and software engineer, and Jamie Winterton, director of strategy for ASU’s Global Security Initiative.

We’ll have free dinner available for the first 150 guests. RSVP Now!

Need help finding the Marston Exploration Theater? Here’s a map.