Futurist Brian David Johnson leaves Intel, joins Arizona State University

Tomorrow Project

Tomorrow Project USA is a collaboration with Intel and the Society for Science & the Public that ignites creative, productive, science-based conversations about the future. The project publishes anthologies featuring original stories, essays, and artwork created by K-12 and college students, distributed for free online and in print. CSI coordinates an editorial board of leading researchers, journalists, and scholars, and each anthology is co-edited by director Ed Finn and Imaginary College member G. Pascal Zachary.

Futurist Brian David Johnson talking with students about futurism and robotics at Mater Christi School in Burlington, Vermont.

Futurist Brian David Johnson leaves Intel, joins Arizona State University

Renowned futurist, technologist, and author Brian David Johnson, who left his position at the Intel Corporation in January, will be joining Arizona State University as Futurist in Residence for spring 2016 at the Center for Science and the Imagination and as a Professor of Practice in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society.

Journeys Through Time and Space

In this volume, eleven young authors use science fiction storytelling to explore human futures shaped by excursions through space and time.

Science fiction anthology explores biological, environmental visions of the future

Imagine a world devoid of animal life except for humans. Or a future where medical advances enable people to live for hundreds upon hundreds of years. Would life be as sweet if there was no end in sight, or without our pets to greet us at the door at the end of a long day? These are just a few of the quandaries explored in “Living Tomorrow,” a new anthology of creative, thought-provoking visions of the future crafted by young people ages 13-25 from across the United States and worldwide.

Living Tomorrow

In this volume, 11 young authors use science fiction storytelling to explore a diverse range of possible futures shaped by biological and environmental challenges and solutions.

Dark Futures

One person’s utopia is another’s dystopia, but both perspectives have one thing in common—hope for humanity is taken away when all the questions are answered for us.

The Future – Powered by Fiction

“What if I told you that the future could be found threaded through the words of this anthology? Would you believe it?”  – Brian David Johnson, Futurist

Tomorrow Project USA

Winners announced in collaborative, global sci-fi competition

Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination, Intel and the Society for Science & the Public are proud to announce the winners of their competition, “The Future – Powered by Fiction.” The competition challenged young people ages 13-25 from all over the world to share their visions for possible futures inspired by real science and technology. To see a full list of winners, visit: http://isef.tomorrow-projects.com/results/

Announcing the Winners of The Future – Powered by Fiction Competition

On May 14, 2014, Intel futurist Brian David Johnson took to Google Hangouts to announce the winners of The Future – Powered by Fiction, a competition that challenged young people worldwide

A Day in My Life in 2025

The stories gathered in this anthology give us a glimpse of possible scenarios for our future limited only by our own imagination.

Um dia da minha vida em 2025

As histórias reunidas nesta antologia nos permitem vislumbrar possíveis cenários do nosso futuro, onde a única limitação é a nossa própria imaginação.

Cautions, Dreams & Curiosities

These magic visions from The Tomorrow Project and the ones contained in this anthology have the power to shape our future.

An iPad with a classic typewriter-style keyboard

Resource for teachers: storytelling and the future

This summer and fall, we are teaming up with Intel’s Tomorrow Project and the Society for Science & the Public to present The Future – Powered by Fiction, a competition

Raji Ganesan at Intel ISEF 2013

Intel ISEF 2013: Young scientists and the wonder of discovery

Raji Ganesan sporting CSI’s official lab coat at Intel ISEF 2013 Intel’s International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) was held in our very own Phoenix Convention Center this year! ISEF

CSI ISEF Exhibit

CSI and Digital Culture at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

This week the Center for Science and the Imagination hosted a small exhibition at Intel ISEF, a global science and engineering student competition. ASU’s Digital Culture program provided the centerpiece

ASU-Intel collaboration challenges students to imagine brighter sustainable futures

Imagining the Future and Building It

If we want to imagine a better future and then build it then we need to change the story we are telling ourselves about the future we want to live in.

Video: Tomorrow Project

Tomorrow Project: Humanities – Imagining Our Future (And Yes, Tweeting Cows!)

Ron Broglio, Associate Professor of English at Arizona State University, discusses how philosophy, aesthetics and literature can help us rethink the relationship between humans and the environment.

Conversations About the Future

Brian David Johnson, Intel’s futurist, asks these questions of scientists and engineers, legends and luminaries, science fiction authors and recognized experts. Their visions, stories and passionate arguments are collected here.

The Tomorrow Project

“Science fiction gives us the language so that we can have a conversation about the future.” – Brian David Johnson, Futurist