Dark Futures

One person’s utopia is another’s dystopia, but both perspectives have one thing in common—hope for humanity is taken away when all the questions are answered for us. Science fiction is the language we use to talk about the future and its endless possibilities, including those that we desire and those that we fear. This collection of science fiction short stories takes us into those dark futures so that we can have a conversation about how to avoid them. Featuring an essay by science fiction author and technology entrepreneur Ramez Naam and an interview with legendary science fiction novelist Kim Stanley Robinson, author of the Mars trilogy, Green Earth, and 2312.

This collection is part of Tomorrow Project USA, a collaboration between ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination, Intel, and the Society for Science & the Public that ignites creative, productive, science-based conversations about the future through books of original stories, essays, and artwork created by K-12 and college students. The collections are overseen by an editorial board of leading researchers, journalists, and scholars.

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