Journeys Through Time and Space

Tomorrow Project

What kind of future do you want to live in? What are you excited about and what concerns you? What is your request of the future? The Tomorrow Project is a fascinating initiative that investigates these questions and explores not only the future of computing but the broader implications on our lives and planet.
In this unique time in history, science and technology has progressed to a point where what we build is only constrained by the limits of our own imaginations. The future is not a fixed point in front of us that we are all hurtling helplessly towards. The future is built everyday by the actions of people. It’s up to all of us to be active participants in the future and these conversations can help us do just that.
A major focus of the Tomorrow Project is to sponsor competitions that generate science-based fiction that explores possible futures. These stories can be used as inspiration to scientists, or as data for cultural anthropologists.

Journeys Through Time and Space

In this volume, eleven young authors use science fiction storytelling to explore human futures shaped by excursions through space and time.

Living Tomorrow

In this volume, 11 young authors use science fiction storytelling to explore a diverse range of possible futures shaped by biological and environmental challenges and solutions.

Dark Futures

One person’s utopia is another’s dystopia, but both perspectives have one thing in common—hope for humanity is taken away when all the questions are answered for us.

The Future – Powered by Fiction

“What if I told you that the future could be found threaded through the words of this anthology? Would you believe it?”  – Brian David Johnson, Futurist

A Day in My Life in 2025

The stories gathered in this anthology give us a glimpse of possible scenarios for our future limited only by our own imagination.

Um dia da minha vida em 2025

As histórias reunidas nesta antologia nos permitem vislumbrar possíveis cenários do nosso futuro, onde a única limitação é a nossa própria imaginação.

Cautions, Dreams & Curiosities

These magic visions from The Tomorrow Project and the ones contained in this anthology have the power to shape our future.

Imagining the Future and Building It

If we want to imagine a better future and then build it then we need to change the story we are telling ourselves about the future we want to live in.

Conversations About the Future

Brian David Johnson, Intel’s futurist, asks these questions of scientists and engineers, legends and luminaries, science fiction authors and recognized experts. Their visions, stories and passionate arguments are collected here.

The Tomorrow Project

“Science fiction gives us the language so that we can have a conversation about the future.” – Brian David Johnson, Futurist