CSI ISEF Exhibit

CSI and Digital Culture at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

This week the Center for Science and the Imagination hosted a small exhibition at Intel ISEF, a global science and engineering student competition. ASU’s Digital Culture program provided the centerpiece and main attraction of our space, Rotary Tumble. Created by Muharrem Yildirim and David Tinapple, Rotary Tumble invites you in to peek under the hood of its interactive media system. It has attracted countless visitors curious to learn how it works from among the “1600 Screaming Geniuses” at ISEF during the event.

The fair is open to the public today if you’d like to go experience it for yourself. Thanks to David Tinapple for installing the piece here and to Wesley de la Rosa (pictured) and our other Imagination Project students for staffing the event!