Us in Flux: Conversations— Nisi Shawl and Ayana Jamieson [Video–Past Event]

Event Details

In this conversation, we’ll chat with science fiction author Nisi Shawl and organizer and educator Ayana Jamieson about Nisi’s story “Fourth and Most Important.”

Us in Flux is a new series of short stories and virtual gatherings that explore themes of community, collaboration, and collective imagination in response to transformative events. Every other Thursday, we’ll publish a new, original piece of flash fiction, and then host an interactive chat with the author and a special guest the following Monday at 4:00 pm Eastern.

About the Speakers

Nisi Shawl is the author of a 2016 Nebula finalist, the alternate history novel Everfair, and the 2008 Tiptree/Otherwise award-winner Filter House. Their most recent publication is Talk Like a Man, part of PM Press’s Outspoken Author series. They live and breathe in Seattle, where they’re working diligently on Kinning, a sequel to Everfair.

Ayana Jamieson, Ph.D. is an organizer, educator, and the founder of the Octavia E. Butler Legacy Network (@oeblegacy), a global community inspired and committed to uplifting and highlighting Butler’s life, work, and new works inspired by Butler’s legacy. She teaches Ethnic and Gender Studies at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.