Applied Imagination Fellows

Since 2012, the Center for Science and the Imagination has led transdisciplinary projects to inspire collective imagination for better futures, including new ways of living and thriving amid path-breaking technologies and new forms of governance.

Now, as our society contemplates a world profoundly changed by COVID-19, while continuing to face the looming challenges of global climate change and systemic inequality, imagination will be a crucial skill for cooperation, reinvention, and civic participation.

To explore how imagination is practiced by individuals and communities, we invited organizers, scholars, curators, scientists, and innovators of all stripes to apply for our new Applied Imagination Fellowship program. The call for applications drew responses from around the world, in fields ranging from art and design to community advocacy, environmental studies, international development, economics, literature, astronomy, film, engineering, journalism, and more. We are proud to support an inaugural class of five fellows who will work on projects to motivate transformative change and advance visions of inclusive futures.

Ian Edwards - Applied Imagination Fellow, 2021-2022 Ian Edwards is executive director of the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability, a registered nonprofit organization in Provincetown, Massachusetts that is focused on the question, “What’s next in sustainability?” He works on new models of leadership and engagement in the sustainability space, […]
Regina Kanyu Wang - Applied Imagination Fellow, 2021-2022 Regina Kanyu Wang is a writer, researcher, and editor, currently pursuing her PhD as part of the CoFUTURES project at the University of Oslo. Her research focuses on Chinese science fiction, with emphasis on issues of gender and environmental perspectives. She writes […]
Panthea Lee - Applied Imagination Fellow, 2021-2022 Panthea Lee is a strategist, organizer, designer, and facilitator working for structural justice and collective liberation, and the executive director of Reboot. She builds healing coalitions between communities, activists, movements, and institutions to dismantle inequity—and partners with artists to drive transformative change. […]
Benjamin Ong - Applied Imagination Fellow, 2021-2022 Benjamin Ong is an ecologist by training, an educator by passion, and an explorer at heart. Between 2014 and 2019, he anchored volunteer engagement and environmental education at Universiti Malaya’s Rimba Ilmu Botanic Garden through two platforms he co-founded: The Rimba Project […]
Sultan Sharrief - Applied Imagination Fellow, 2021-2022 Sultan Sharrief is a trans-media activist, filmmaker, and XR designer. He holds a BA in Film from University of Michigan, an MS in Comparative Media from MIT, and is a PhD candidate in Media Arts & Practice at USC. His directorial debut […]