Regina Kanyu Wang

Applied Imagination Fellow, 2021-2022

Regina Kanyu Wang is a writer, researcher, and editor, currently pursuing her PhD as part of the CoFUTURES project at the University of Oslo. Her research focuses on Chinese science fiction, with emphasis on issues of gender and environmental perspectives. She writes science fiction, nonfiction, and academic essays in both Chinese and English. She has published two story collections in Chinese, a short novel in Italian, and a forthcoming collection in German, as well as short stories and critical essays on various platforms. She coedited the Chinese SF special issue of Vector, a journal of the British Science Fiction Association, and is a coeditor of The Way Spring Arrives and Other Stories, an all-women-and-non-binary anthology of Chinese speculative fiction. She is, or has served as, co-secretary-in-general and standing council member of the World Chinese Science Fiction Association, board member of the Plurality University Network, and cofounder of SF AppleCore and Asia Science Fiction Association.

Regina’s Applied Imagination Fellowship project, “Her Imaginations,” involves creating a series of video interviews with female science fiction authors, editors and fans, as well as scientists and entrepreneurs, from across China, both to foreground the creative vitality of women imagining and creating the future and to explore how these creators promote nondualistic thinking in their work, as a way to reframe conflicts and imagine a more inclusive, harmonious future.