Photo of Torie Bosch, and Cover for What Future. The year's best ideas to reclaim, reanimate and reinvent our future. 2017 Edition Edited by Torie Bosch and Roy Scranton. Cover photo of a tree in the jungle.

Workshop: “Writing to Change Minds” with Slate’s Torie Bosch

Event Details

Stubbornness may be the defining characteristic of the moment we’re in. People seem increasingly reluctant to listen to other points of view or deviate from their tribe. So how can we get people to reconsider long-held—but perhaps poorly thought through—beliefs? In this informal workshop, Torie Bosch, editor of Slate magazine’s Future Tense channel and coeditor of What Future: The Year’s Best Ideas to Reclaim, Reanimate & Reinvent Our Future, discusses how to write opinion pieces to change people’s minds. Attendees will come up with an argument they want to make, and the group will consider participants’ arguments and how to make them stronger.

Admission to the workshop is $18.99 plus tax, and includes a copy of What Future. To learn more and register today, visit the Changing Hands Bookstore website.


As the editor of Future Tense, a collaboration between New America, Slate, and Arizona State University, Torie Bosch covers emerging technologies and their effects on public policy and society. Previously, she worked as an associate editor at Slate, where she edited the medical and religion departments. Torie is a graduate of Penn State University, where she majored in English with minors in business, media studies, and Latin.