The Taliban has re-taken Afghanistan. When Marcel chooses to let her disabled brother leave the country ahead of her, she has no idea if she will ever see her family


Andre left his country after University when one of his film projects was banned by the government and they persecuted and threatened to jail him. He returned secretly to save


Carlos is just like any other young man in his twenties: he wants a chance to make his own way in the world, and define himself on his own terms.


Gladys loved her life on the farm: the big open skies, the stars, the chance to see wildlife before it disappeared. And she loved raising her children there, even though

Stay in the Airplane

Notes for the podcast

In this season finale BDJ talks with guests about the shortcomings of AI, the perils of deploying it too early, and what gives them hope for the future of AI.  Guests: Cory Doctorow (@doctorow) Kade Crockford (@onekade) August Cole (@august_cole) Ellio…

Not Your Typical AI

Notes for the podcast

In this episode, Brian David Johnson talks with guests about their favorite AI’s and non-typical AI’s.  Guests: Laura Moy (@lauramoy) Rashida Richardson Tim Fernholz (@TimFernholz_ Alida Draudt https://www.alidadraudt….

Dark Possibilities and Grim Realities

Notes for the Podcast

In this episode, Brian David Johnson talks with guests about the future of AI and what we should be optimizing for. Guests: Douglas Rushkoff (@rushkoff) August Cole (@august_cole) Chris Noessl (@chrisnoessel) Alida Draudt L…

What We Think About When We Think About AI

Notes for the Podcast

In this episode, Brian David Johnson gathers Kade Crockford, Eliot Peper, Tim O’Reilly, and Malka Older at the annual SXSW conference to discuss what sci-fi can teach us when it comes to how we think of AI today and how it can shape the future.  Guests…

Welcome To Sci-Fi House

Notes for the Podcast

In this episode, Brian David Johnson gathers science fiction authors, researchers, technologists, and activists at the annual SXSW conference to explore the human dimensions of machine intelligence. Guests: – Tiffany Li – Saayeli…

Brian David Johnson

In this episode of the Imagination Desk, we sat down with ASU futurist in residence Brian David Johnson. In this chat, we talk with Brian about his work on artificial intelligence and introduce his new podcast called Sci-Fi House Presents Imagining Int…

Illustration of a waterfall in a verdant forest, against a vibrant blue sky. The waterfall has a solar installation on top of it, and is caged by an orange structure of rings.

Crafting Climate Futures: From Story to Policy (Online)

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow presents an opportunity for decisive global action amidst escalating climate chaos. Now, more than ever, we need narratives of positive climate futures

Imaginary Papers: Issue 8

Lena Nguyen, Dagmar Van Engen & Joey Eschrich

EcoFutures Climate Justice Project

Today’s escalating climate chaos is intensified by global threats to democracy, violent backlashes to migration, and horrific biodiversity loss. Furthermore, environmental degradation is exacerbating existing inequalities, with poor and marginalized

An abstract illustration featuring rounded figures in shades of yellow, orange, and red, set against a gray background.

Imagining Our Climate Futures (Online)

If we hope to achieve the global will and cooperation needed to meet the challenges of the climate crisis, we need stories of hope and transformation, not just disaster and

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ASU’s Veterans Imagination Project Aims To Help Veterans Envision New Career Paths

By Steve Goldstein

Headshots of Climate Imagination Fellows Vandana Singh, Libia Brenda, and Hannah Onoguwe.

The Days After Tomorrow: Climate Fiction for the Future

Can we reimagine our relationship with nature and protect the future? How can we marshal our collective imagination to accelerate global transformations and move towards a sustainable way of life?

A landscape illustration of mountains with many wind turbines on them, with a colorful city scene in the distance.

Workshop on Reimagining Climate Futures

Join the Center for Science and the Imagination, the Journal of Science Policy & Governance (JSPG), and the UK Science and Innovation Network for a workshop that brings together innovative

Unlocking Our Climate Imagination

When we imagine our climate future, it’s easy to drift towards catastrophe, especially in view of this summer’s shocking examples of climate chaos—from floods and sinkholes to heat domes and

Imaginary Papers: Issue 7

Damien P. Williams, Nilanjana Bhattacharjya & Joey Eschrich

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Applied Imagination Fellows 2021-22

Our fellows are exploring how imagination can motivate transformative change.

Learn more about their projects >>>