“Tomorrow Is Another Daze” by Ernest Hogan


“Tomorrow Is Another Daze” by Ernest Hogan

A story about Aztlán, creative reuse, and making technology work for you.

Us in Flux: Conversations—Ernest Hogan and Frederick Luis Aldama [Video—Past Event]

“Even God Has a Place Called Home” by Ray Mwihaki

A story about environmental health, technophilia, and transcendence.
Conversations—Ray Mwihaki and Christopher Rowe

Us in Flux: Conversations—Ray Mwihaki and Christopher Rowe [Video—Past Event]

Imaginary Papers 3

Imaginary Papers: Issue 3

Troy L. Wiggins, Kate Greene & Joey Eschrich

“The Wandering City,” by Usman T. Malik

A story about temporal anomalies, public spaces, and a new global consciousness.

Us in Flux: Conversations—Usman T. Malik and James Graham [Video—Past Event]

“A Cyber-Cuscuta Manifesto” by Regina Kanyu Wang

A story about big data, emerging life forms, and a plea for coexistence.

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Using design-based research to improve peer help-giving in a middle school math classroom

Mawasi, A., Ahmed, I., Walker, E., Wang, S., Marasli, Z., Whitehurst, A., & Wylie, R.
International Conference on the Learning Sciences. 

Us in Flux: Conversations—Regina Kanyu Wang and Athena Aktipis [Video–Past Event]

“Notice” by Sarah Pinsker

A tale of unanticipated mail and the limits of self-reliance.

Us in Flux: Conversations— Sarah Pinsker and Punya Mishra [Video–Past Event]

“Fourth and Most Important” by Nisi Shawl

A tale of coded messages, clandestine drone deliveries, and surprising alliances.

Us in Flux: Conversations— Nisi Shawl and Ayana Jamieson [Video–Past Event]

Five separate works by Nina Miller for the Us In Flux series. From left to right; a quilt sewn with black thread, embroidered leaves, fabric resist and dye piece, a second quilt sewn with white thread, a woman embroidered with thread

The Art of Us in Flux: An Interview with Nina Miller

A conversation about art that visualizes the future, creative expression in moments of crisis, and how art can be a path into fictional worlds.

Two portraits embroidered on a quilt. The portrait on the left is stitched with black thread on white linen and the portrait on the right is stitched with various colored thread on a dark denim patch.

“Skating Without Streetlights” by Tina Connolly

A story about virtual reality, friendship, and the unexpected benefits of impersonation.

Imaginary Papers: Issue 2

Indrapramit Das, Jessie Rack & Joey Eschrich

Us in Flux: Conversations— Tina Connolly and Dennis Bonilla [Video–Past Event]

A couch in front of a window, but it is pieced from multiple fabrics and quilted. It is fragmented and multicolored.

“A Room of One’s Own” by Tochi Onyebuchi

A tale of quantum entanglement and self-care.

Us in Flux: Conversations—Tochi Onyebuchi and Michael G. Bennett [Video–Past Event]