EVOKE: The Collaborative Process


We are collaborating with the World Bank on an exciting project designed to help young people in developing countries learn 21st century skills and tackle global challenges through a multi-player online educational game called EVOKE. “Agents” in the EVOKE network engage virtually and in the real world in social networks to complete missions that will change their community, their country, and their future.

EVOKE: The Collaborative Process

Evoke: Human Trafficking

Writer: Madeline Ashby Illustrator: Anthony Diecidue Expert Consultants: Carmen Quevado José Luis Echenausía Monroy Creative Director: Kiyash Monsef

Images from the EVOKE pilot graphic novel

CSI partners with World Bank on science fiction, gaming and social innovation

The Center for Science and the Imagination is partnering with the World Bank to create a series of stories and artwork to integrate into an online game, EVOKE, designed to get young people in the developing world involved in social innovation and civic engagement.