Stories of Algorithmic Justice (Online)

AI Policy Futures

Science fiction has long speculated about a future of thinking machines and artificial beings. Now, with artificial intelligence becoming ubiquitous, we need to learn from these speculations to navigate towards a future we want. AI Policy Futures investigates science fiction narratives for policy insights about artificial intelligence. This is a joint project of the Center for Science and the Imagination (CSI) at Arizona State University and the Open Technology Institute at the New America Foundation, supported by the Hewlett Foundation.

A blue figure holding the scales of justice, made up of binary code ones and zeroes, against a black background.

Stories of Algorithmic Justice (Online)

We often cling to the idea that artificially intelligent systems are neutral arbiters, despite knowing that these systems can only be as good as the parameters and data sets that

Don’t Be Scared of Killer Robots

by Ed Finn The New York Times

Center for Science and the Imagination and Open Technology Institute Launch “AI Policy Futures”

“Science fiction stories exert a powerful influence on how we think about technology and the future. But if we spend all of our time looking over our shoulders for killer robots, that means we are not looking ahead to discern the outcomes we might actually want.”

How humans fit into Google’s machine future

by Ed Finn and Andrew Maynard The Conversation