Unexpected Frankensteins: Weird Science

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Frankenstein! Beyond green skin and neck bolts, what else comes to mind? Environmental degradation? The technological singularity? Vicious high school cliques?

Each month throughout 2017, we’re partnering with FilmBar for a series of Unexpected Frankensteins: movies that capture the themes of Mary Shelley’s literary masterpiece without relying on the familiar monster-movie images of lightning storms, mad scientists, and Gothic monsters.

Join us on Thursday, January 26 at 7:00 pm for the first installment of the series, featuring Weird Science, a story of technology and teen angst set to an Oingo Boingo soundtrack. Tickets are $8 apiece.

Future installments will feature movies from across a variety of genres, from horror and action to comedy and musicals. Join us every month in 2017 to see what other Unexpected Frankensteins we dig up!