Sprint Beyond the Book: SSP 2016

Sprint Beyond the Book

The con­cept: a series of “book sprints” that take place in real time at the Frank­furt Book Fair (October 2013), at Arizona State University in Phoenix, AZ (January 2014) and at Stanford University in California (May 2014). Using a new col­lab­o­ra­tive media tech­nol­ogy, par­tic­i­pants quickly write, assem­ble and pub­lish multimedia anthol­ogies explor­ing the future of pub­lish­ing. Our teams of authors explore what is next for read­ing, writ­ing, edit­ing, book pro­mo­tion and sales, as well as how dig­i­tal tech­nol­ogy can help the pub­lish­ing indus­try con­front the chal­lenges of a chang­ing land­scape for books and reading. Learn more at sprintbeyondthebook.com

Book cover for "Spirt beyond the Book" Written, Edited, Assembled and Published in 72 hours

Sprint Beyond the Book: SSP 2016

SSP 2016 Conference, Vancouver

Book cover for "The Future of Publishing" Volume 1. Subtitle "The Future of the Book" Contributing authors, Arial Bogle, Joey Eschrich, Jane Friedman, Dan Gillmor, Lee Konstantinou, Charlie Stross, Corey Pressman. Edited by Ed Finn

Sprint Beyond the Book: The Future of Publishing

Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt, Germany