Phil Weaver-Stoesz

Phil Weaver-Stoesz is the Director of Catalyst Creative, a development company that specializes in science communication and impact. Phil primarily works as a creator: crafting immersive experiences, designing alternate reality adventures, editing and reimagining Shakespearean works, and collaborating with playwrights on new play development. He was awarded the Creation Grant for his research in theatre and creative computing as well as the PAVE Arts Entrepreneurship Grant for founding Catalyst.

He has taught Shakespearean Text and Rhetoric at Notre Dame, Intro to Directing at Arizona State University, and Primary English in a small house on the Cambodian countryside. He has assisted Liz Lerman teaching Animating Research, a course that created new performance works by bringing together groups of artists and researchers at ASU. He also stage managed Sojourn Theatre’s The Race, an 8-hour civic performance event on the day of the presidential election.

Catalyst’s first project was an hour-long theatrical piece, Emergence, built in collaboration with the Emergence Astrobiology Lab at ASU. Catalyst is currently leading the development of the PLANeT Celebration Festival at the Desert Botanical Gardens, an interactive festival that works to connect humans to each other, to their past, and to their place on the planet.