iRobot, youRobot

At this point in time, Jacques de Vaucanson is basically a household name, synonymous with innovation in the year 1738. Right? Anybody? Alright, so maybe I overestimated the importance of the first mechanical duck with digesting abilities ever built. Consider Vaucanson’s creation, and how radical it must have seemed, with only da Vinci preceding him […]

IDK, My BFF Rose?: What I Learned from Skyping with My Grandma

Science fiction luminary and activist Cory Doctorow had many moments of brilliance during his visit to the Cronkite School last month (catch a video of the event here!). During his discussion of hacking, activism and cyber-narratives, he spoke about the life of Aaron Swartz and issues of online accessibility. Doctorow outlined some generational divides between internet […]