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Everything Change: An Anthology of Climate Fiction, Volume III

A collection of short stories by writers from around the world, exploring the climate crisis and how human responses to it will shape the futures we will inhabit. Everything Change, Volume III features stories in styles ranging from science fiction and fabulism to literary fiction, weird fiction, and action-thriller, all drawn from the 2020 Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest.

The title Everything Change is drawn from a quote by Margaret Atwood, our first Imagination and Climate Futures lecturer in 2014.

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Cities of Light: A Collection of Solar Futures

Our second collection of solar futures, Cities of Light, follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, but with a twist, leveraging the unique cultures, economies, and geographies of Chicago, San Juan, San Antonio, and Portland to inform and explore a dialogue about post-carbon cities in possible future visions of the United States. Imagined in collaboration with researchers at the Center for Integrated Mobility Sciences at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, stories by Paolo Bacigalupi, S.B. Divya, Deji Bryce Olukotun, and Andrew Dana Hudson illuminate what life might be like, living under solar panels, for the diverse inhabitants of the cities of tomorrow. Even more importantly, however, they illuminate how the political economies of energy might intersect with the United States’ fraught politics of race and class—and what it will take to make the future of the solar-powered city not only sustainable, but also just.