HH 3 : How to combine code and story

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Details: In this video, I walk you through some of the coding strategies I use when developing a program and story together. This video is not a pure tutorial, but instead, it shows a “behind the scenes” of what my workflow looks like. If you are new to coding in Snap! this might help fill in some of the gaps that you would normally get in-person.  Supplies:
  • Hummingbird Bit Microcontroller kit
  • USB cable
  • Computer with Snap account
  • Monster Manual printout
  • Cardboard
  • Card stock or thick paper
  • Scissors
  • Clear Tape (Double-sided tape and electrical tape help out too!)
  • Fishing line or strong thread
  • Micro servo paper mount (horn up)
  • Servo (Horn of your choosing)
Resources: Monster Manual Google Slides deck | Pdf version Servo Mount (horn up) Servo Mount construction video