The Refurbished Me

“Who wants to live forever?” The late, great lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury, crooned. “Well, I wouldn’t mind the option.” I responded flatly, the guy parking his car at ASU. While on campus, I pondered that recent conversation with my stereo. I surmised that Dr. Doris Taylor, Director of Regenerative Medicine Research at Texas […]

A image of a hamburger inside a beaker

Our Bioprintable Future

The notion of 3D printing has fired up our collective imagination worldwide. The ambitious folks over at MakerBot know this. That’s why they’re poised to enmesh 3D printing into the mainstream. MakerBot’s expansive offerings allow for dabblers to 3D print laser-scanned objects at home. Also, their extensive online libraries host an entire universe of downloadable, […]

A huge NASA-built contraption capturing an asteroid

Mining asteroids…for water

The human species is hardwired for survival. What’s paramount is having a shot at existence beyond the confines of our dissipating home world. It makes little sense for us to squander opportunity. Luckily for us, the team at Planetary Resources received that memo in advance. At first they responded with rudimentary theory. Now prototypes are […]