Andrew Dana Hudson

Headshot for Andrew Dana Hudson

Andrew Dana Hudson is a speculative fiction writer and graduate student at ASU’s School of Sustainability. He co-wrote “Sunshine State,” which won the 2016 Imagination and Climate Futures Initiative climate fiction contest. His story “Mend and Make Do” was runner-up in the Kaleidoscope Writing The Future contest. He has written in Slate magazine’s Future Tense about floods, sports, and going viral.

He works at CSI as a graduate research assistant studying sci-fi narratives about artificial intelligence, and their lessons for how we think about technology policy.

Before joining ASU, Andrew worked as a journalist and writer in New York, St. Louis, India and Thailand; as a political consultant in San Francisco; and in the nonprofit sector at the Center for Care Innovations in Oakland, California. He is an associate editor of Oasis, a Phoenix-based journal of anti-capitalist thought.

Don’t follow him on Twitter @AndrewDHudson.